Sunday, May 25, 2008

1st attempt

24th May Night. actually that night is jus a meet with my fren but end up we bergambar in Sunway Pyramid.. Once d camera switch on, v cant stop snappin photo. unfortunately my fren dint bring de tripod stand. neway let take a look wat v get.

**my friend, Jeff (my sifu as well) and i** taken by d waiter

**cocobanana **

**tat was a huge crowd in front coco banana**

**the lion head n the pyramid**

**shinning lion** ga ga ga

**twinkle twinkle little star**

**i am jeff, call me out for photo ya!!**

**tat me. look!! i got tummy!!** i successed gain fat but in wrong part.. haha

**im press from StarNewspaper.. haha**

**sudah tired, having rest in Starbuck**

**can u see me inside?**

**friendster cafe**

it was a fun night in Sunway. enjoy n appreciate d moment

Friday, May 16, 2008

Metaltech photos

time to bergambar after 5 days work

can u see me? d photo is blurry

d red top guys is our head (dai low), this is our workin team.
hurry, d event is over!!

2 slp-ing buddha in middle of d photo posing.

group 1 ushers wit gals.

Monday, May 12, 2008

李小龙 alive!!

chinese blockbuster hero is back!?
he retired from hollywood being a superstar n started his plastic manufacturer business in malaysia.

i found his business card in PWTC Metaltech event!!

PWTC metaltech (gangster gathering)

today 12 may 08, after i awake nothing to do; nonit rush to go work; nonit see ppl scolding us: kenapa lewat sangat, i wan makan breakfast!!; nonit to go the event hall get scolded by d sei 8 poh; nonit wear all black like gangster; finally i got time to continue my design job, i been curi tulang for almost 1week jo, dint ever touch d design project jo.cannot b so lazy le.. need to hand up to my low sai jo le. today need to kun foh ceh ready.duuu duuw..

5days work in PWTC (7 - 11 may 08)
in day 1, leslie vyen peiwen n me wear all black to work, walking like gangster in along movie. geli lo.. no ppl dare to stop us.. haha. when i reach there, everything very messy n rush, melvin shouting here n there, but all d time stuff jus sitting n standing in the gathering room waiting some1 to guide us start our jobs. v all (ushers) dunno what to do, n where v stand, everything, how v knw where shud v go oo.. ther are huge crowd waiting us out there..

day 2 morning onward a stuff from organize,anite shhh.. shh.. dun spread it. hav a new name~~> sei 8 poh, all d ushers hate her alot, pagi pagi gather us bising bising scolding us.. complaint us dint do our job well, walao.. v all ready ask the visitors to go in from the main entrance jo!! thy insist to listen is their problem le!! deng!! beside v out of manpower, n v r not sun mu hong v cannot bin san, how can v do so mny things at once oo.. siao

some of the visitors was barbarian n cow, especially those who are knowledgeable, high positioning n rich. they wont listen n peduli u then u talk to him.. wat thy knw is onli showing their LC face, sum are more worst, they will complaint everything n tell all his grandpa grandma story. one of my unlucky malay colleague (Zul) got fuck up in public by a guy when he acknowledge tat guys which his slipper are no allow to go in the event hall. haha.. tat guy scold him: FUCK u!! why malaysian act such barbarian ? dint thy study? dint thy hav moral? my pity fren.. haha
conclusion: malaysian are lazy to Q, lazy fill form n proud to act barbarian.

day by day v working there, a lot of funny n angry stuff v met together. all the colleague get closer. whenever is free, v bisik bisik n gossip... hehe tat quite fun to know u guys, leong (leader) like to act as gentlemen but he is not.. haha, steven (mrStationary) sry for kacau-ing u alwaz to get the stationary stuff, jireh ho (typist) pity typist need count every forms n get tele, helen she look very fierce when she busying. haha n etc..

for over this 5 working days, felt so wasted, v dint complete our mission give d leng lui exhibitor a hand make rose. > leong n vyen, wasted right? n lasty the rose giv melvin jo.. =.='' neway v will miss lenglui exhibitor de!! haha.
lastly, thanks to those who helped n guan jui me in this 5 days!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

days after exam

following days after exam my feeling so down n moody.. mayb because i did not do well in exam..everything is so gray.. dont even wanna go out cit chat with friends. just wanna stay at home walk n walk there.. staring at fan pusing pusing n pusing.. feel so sui at that week. haihz.. god bless my result.

after few days at home, finally cant tahan ready.. i wanna find something to do cure my pain. n so ngm my friend give a call, want me help his new business design flyer and also postel. yeah at least found something to do. by d way can also earn some money for my class trip.. hehe.. this is my 1st design freelance job, i waiting for that for long long time. although i not study design n art, but i like it very much. hope everything go well n smooth. p/s: any flyer n poster design freelance jobs find me ya.

wondering i taken the wrong course now =.='' i does not enjoy much in what i studying now.. i hate theoretical stuff, i don't like to memorize.. who else can tell me what to do now? should i change to multimedia design or else?! headache headache

you have a mail

A old lady went to her mail box several times before it was even time for the mailman to make his rounds.

A neighbor noticed her repeated trips to the curb and asked if she was waiting for a special delivery. '

Her reply: "My computer keeps telling me I have mail"."