Tuesday, November 25, 2008


again... boring day.. whole day doing nothing after class... sleep, game, tiny piece of assignment.. that all for today. not feeling to start any job on hand.. issh.. i got few group assignment to do, 1 external job on hand (client will be disappoint with the job progress.. wakakaka) neway i have to get thing done before next week Wednesday.
Wednesday!! i gotto fly d lo. going to brisbane attend my sis convo.. yeah... bye to Malaysia.. dont miss me by d way.. But my plan for vacation failed.. cause i hav no much money to spent there ready.. my bank account gettin empty.. too much expenses for November. buying cloths, assesories and some unexpected expenses...
alot of thing i brought this month, enjoy the feeling while u buy without any worries... spent spent spent only. now onli know the pain.. my wallet is bleeding, need sometimes to recover.. hopefully my Alliance bank payment will get before 2009..
very SUeii arr.... i kena saman and tayar puncit.. haihzz.. 2 penalties is bcos of that stupiek job... when i reach to place i work.. there is no place to park. then i simply park my car bside the road without the yellow parking line.. actually is ok, because is within my view. it jus in front where i work.. haihz.. when i go for a short walk to distirbuting leaflet about 15 mins... i saw DBKL officer writin saman d... haihz... jus few mins only ma..deng!! my salary a day is rm120 after deduct the rm100 saman i left rm20.. makan lagi.. petrol lagi... = total lost. meaning less to work tat day..
tyre pancit day!! week after saman.. is a Saturday morning.. i had well prepared for last 2day work for Alliance.. it should be a happy day.. before 1 reverse my car frm the parking space.. i saw a dead rat behind my car.. As i wanted avoid d rat. i put the gear in D so that i can do a better reverse without crashing the dead rat.. haihz... i dint realise a liqueur bottle in front my front tyre i crash on it... CraacccKK.... at tat moment in my mind is onli wondering who the hell throw the stupit bottle there, following with %^&*)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^*&^%$... that how rm160 gone for changing a new front tyre.. damnit..
neway.. i wanted to thank who had lending me a helpfull hand.. thank you guys!! appreciated it.. thank for borrowing car to work, thank for takin my car to service.... thank you for everything u guys do for me.. by d way.. sry for leading ur all to the worng spot... wakakaka... i to kanjiong d ma.. ooppss... malu
4.02am.. is time to slp.. tmr class start at 10am!! night