Monday, February 23, 2009

'bed talk' lol

is quite some time i dint not updated my blog any way is a good sign for that, like what i told my friend, i'll only updated my blog when im feel so emo.. so do this updated, late 4am now.. cant get in sleep, wondering why?! have been 1 week ++ my holiday, i started felt so misarable and no direction during the period at home. ><" everyday wake up makan brunch and waiting the time pass. time pass so slowly every single second, like gonna take me a week to pass a single day.. hiahz.. everyday will only complain bored, nothing to do and the worst is force to tolong do housework.. goshh.. i tak mau buat housework.. can i? not like d day i was in my rental flat out there in Setapak.. i will only clean my room once i felt rajin or some special 'occasion'.. lol by the way i am one who often clean the hse among my housemate.. opps.. no offence..

haihz.. graduation trip ad went.. meet up with hometown friend ready done.. web design just finish.. what else to do?! oh ya, i almost forgotten i just started an so call sales job to support my friend, since he know me doing nothing during holiday till the summer course in uk. hav u hear before beautiful diary? dint admit is my 1st time i heard from my freind, although is quite a famous cosmetic mask brand from Taiwan. i been do some survey in internet, found quite lot positive comment from user. mostly are Taiwanese and follow by Singaporean. can images where the market of the product. hopefully i did not disappoint my fried and bust the money maker.

yeah,gonna stop now.. cause found some1 can chat with me now.. no again for tomorrow night..