Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Knight Castle 09 is coming

hey fellows friend that a rave party held in bukit tinggi, berjaya hill on 25 April 2009 from 6 pm. can u imagine how the feeling in a nice the environment with the blazing music and the cooling weather.. goshh.. the night will be very stunning with music performance from 5 famous DJ around d world, DJ Nikki (Malaysia), DJ Shary (Indonesia), Woody Van Eyden (Netherland), Scott Alert (Australia) and Sander Van Doorn (Netherland)..

guys n girls any1 interested to go? is only rm79 for pre-sales ticket, i can get the ticket for u guys.. common let go together n hav fun!!
do call me to get the pre-sales ticket, andrew 012-2328836
get ur ticket now!!


~*StrAwBerRy*~ said...

wah, reali efficient ar... noon tel me abt dis, when i bak.. adi posted jor ar..
dun worry la.. i wil help u ask my fren de... u say de mah.. wan get to know 'more fren' mah hor... hehe

€gG-gÿ @小蛋 said...

oi... beli untuk me lar.. XD yau yau

€gG-gÿ @小蛋 said...

OOOI!!! u punya blog is dead blog!!!!