Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Knight Castle 09 is coming

hey fellows friend that a rave party held in bukit tinggi, berjaya hill on 25 April 2009 from 6 pm. can u imagine how the feeling in a nice the environment with the blazing music and the cooling weather.. goshh.. the night will be very stunning with music performance from 5 famous DJ around d world, DJ Nikki (Malaysia), DJ Shary (Indonesia), Woody Van Eyden (Netherland), Scott Alert (Australia) and Sander Van Doorn (Netherland)..

guys n girls any1 interested to go? is only rm79 for pre-sales ticket, i can get the ticket for u guys.. common let go together n hav fun!!
do call me to get the pre-sales ticket, andrew 012-2328836
get ur ticket now!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

workin day + desa park city

haihz... work for the dumb web design again.. the client keep on change this n that. quite sometime the project taken but yet not finish due to the "yim jim-ness" n "kolot-ness" of client. neway its getting closer to the finish point, might be the last touch today! (what we hope for..lol)

Dreamviewer bring alot of "mafan" in the project, haihz... code ngm, appearance ngm in dreamviewer but once summit to the explorer all out of the actual alignment.. ><" a simple job which can done within 1 hour, end up take me for few hours to finish it. geramnya.. spoiled all my actual plan of the day (batu cave shooting trip). as a pengantian, we (me, ivy n leslie) change plan to take photo in Desa Park City.. We arrived around 7 plus (if not mistaken) just ngm for sunset, but a lil bit rain.. is good also, cause ada RAINBOW!! got 3 rainbow appear at once.... geng geng... this is a ever nicer.. nicest rainbow i saw.. memang sangat sangat besar dan cantik. stunning!!
here my 1st ever photo post by my new nikon!! c c n comment!!

rainbow panorama
kawan saya (leslie n ivy)eggyork!!cantik?
how issit? looking for next destination, practise make perfect.. ada shooting trip remember call saya!!